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Adelaide Hills Crush Festival

Crush Festival

If South Australia does one thing well (it does several things well, but that’s beside the point) it’s wine festivals, and if there’s a wine festival that South Australia does particularly well (it does several wine festivals particularly well, but that’s beside the point), then it’s the Adelaide Hills Crush Festival!

Crush 2015 is taking place this coming weekend – the Australia Day long weekend – and it’s going to be amazing! The weather is looking mighty fine (but that’s beside the point) and there are 35 wineries lining up to show you,  your friends and your family a fabulous time with delectable wines, mouth-watering food, delicious ciders, eardrum-tingling music and so much fun you won’t ever want to leave.

I’ve been a regular patron at the Crush Festival for several years now and I love it. It’s chilled, it’s family-friendly, the hustle of other festivals where you bus about to 20 different wineries in a day and try to fit in as much possible isn’t present here. Instead, wineries welcome you with open arms and, realising that you will most likely choose just one or two places in which to relax and enjoy the wares, they all put on an amazing day and you’ll never want to leave a single one of them.

The festival is, for the most part, a free event, but there are some very special ticketed events that you can also choose to attend such as Shakespeare in the Vines at Deviation Road or a Long Table Lunch at Shaw + Smith. The event guide is full of information about what each winery is offering and quite seriously, there is something for everyone! Like some acid jazz? Get on over to Petaluma. Fancy a family friendly day with delicious Italian fare in a beautiful setting? Check out Golding! Just want to chillax picnic-style with a choice of three different wine labels whilst listening to Turning Circles? Head on over to Rockbare where they’ll be teaming up with Scott & La Prova! Whatever you do, just remember to come looking bright and colourful and ready to play it cool!

It’s just like Samuel Johnson would have said had he known about this festival… If you’re tired of Crush, you’re tired of life!

In the Adelaide Hills – check out the event guide for further details.

23-25 January 2015. Get amongst it!


Heard About SA accepted an invitation to a pre-launch tour for Adelaide Hills Crush Festival 2015 and will be receiving a VIP pass for the festival.

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Nova Slidestreet

I try not to write about one-off events too much since they come and go so quickly and if you miss it you might actually cry, but I am SO BLOODY EXCITED for Nova’s Slidestreet this coming Sunday that I will probably start wearing a giant inflatable tube from the moment I leave work on Friday in eager anticipation of the moment that I can finally launch myself down this 315m water slide on Bartels Road!

From the moment I heard about some friends heading along to a giant slip n’slide down in the middle of the street in the middle of the Perth CBD late last year, I was filled with envy and a mad desire to spend hundreds of dollars on flights to get me over there so that I could partake in the slip-sliding fun. Turns out I didn’t have to fly to Perth because Nova have brought Slidestreet here!

There are a variety of tickets available, from a single slide for a solitary person to unlimited slides for an entire family with express VIP entry! For more information on ticket types available head on over here, or to cut straight to the chase and get yourself in on the action, head here to buy your tickets.

Now, as amazing as actually sliding down a 315m waterside will be, you don’t have to slide to have an amazing day out on Sunday. If the kids want to slide but you’re keen to stay dry, Bartels Road is set to be buzzing with both the People’s Choice Undies Run AND the People’s Choice Classic (as part of the ever-outstanding Santos Tour Down Under) sharing the road! Seriously, this Sunday is going to go bananas!

Bartels Road. Don’t go anywhere else.

Slidestreet will be off it’s rocker from 9am until 10pm on Sunday 18th January. (If you’re keen, the Undies Run starts at 5pm and the People’s Choice Classic gets going at 7:15pm)


Zenhouse Vegetarian Yum Cha

Zenhouse Vegetarian Yum Cha

It’s so good to see a vegetarian restaurant that takes up a bit of space. Although there are quite a few good vegetarian and vegan cafes and restaurants in Adelaide to choose from, more often than not they are quaint, cosy little places tucked into nooks and crannies in locations that you sometimes have to hunt out. Zenhouse Vegetarian Yum Cha however is a spacious establishment with outdoor seating, situated on Bent Street, just off of Rundle Street – not hard to find at all!

A girlfriend introduced me to Zenhouse a little while ago when we ventured out for lunch one day and I was impressed to see that the restaurant lived up to it’s name – with soft colours, calm and friendly staff, a water feature and soft music playing, Zenhouse has managed to create a quiet and relaxing atmosphere.

The menu provides a great selection of meals for gluten free, vegan and dairy vegetarians but, having been informed by my friend that the satay was to die for, I couldn’t really go past that dish. Served up on a palm leaf-like plate, my satay arrived with a healthy serving of rice, some mixed nuts and a fresh and healthy salad. There’s nothing like eating a meal that fills you up and leaves you satisfied but that also has you feeling light, healthy and full of energy at the same time, which is exactly what this dish did for me.

Even if you disregard the very, very wide selection of teas they have on offer, Zenhouse also provides an extensive drinks menu so that even the most discerning of beverage connoisseurs can find a drink that suits their tastebuds and their chosen meal.

Regardless of whether you are a vegan or vegetarian or not, Zenhouse is definitely worth a visit for their beautifully fresh meals and delightful teas.

You’ll find Zenhouse at 17-19 Bent Street in the CBD. Just off Rundle Street, right here.

Zenhouse opens every day of the week at 11:30am. From Monday to Thursday you can stay until 8:30pm, on Fridays and Saturdays you’re welcome to hang around until 9pm but on Sundays you best get in before 4pm otherwise you’ll be plum out of luck!

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The Dunes – Greg Norman Golf Course

The Dunes

Built in 2011, The Dunes golf course in Port Hughes is a PGA standard links course designed by Greg Norman, set in the beautiful township (within a new development) of Port Hughes on the Yorke Peninsula.

The Dunes can be played as either a nine hole or an 18 hole course, with two holes having been placed on each of the nine greens created. Not being a golfer myself (yet), I’ve had to rely heavily on the thoughts of BW, who pulled up his stripy socks, donned his golfing cap and tee’d off for 18 holes at The Dunes just recently. I followed him around in a golf cart so can verify all non-game-specific facts as we go.

The course is apparently quite enjoyable to play, with greens being in absolute pristine condition. Over the 18 holes, players are provided with several tee choices so the beginner can enjoy the course just as much as the more experienced player however, those looking for a solid challenge may not find it at this particular course – except maybe for the challenge of the Stobie poll and power lines which sit right in front of the very first tee! They’re not really much of a challenge if I’m honest with you, but we were certainly all just a tad surprised to turn up to the first tee of a Greg Norman designed golf course and find these particular obstacles sitting between us and the first green.

Greg apparently thought that the terrain around Port Hughes and the sand dunes there was almost perfectly suited to a golf course and, whilst I can’t personally attest to that fact, I can say that the terrain is all but perfect for a zippy little golf cart!

I’ve been told that if you strike The Dunes on the right day, a food and drinks cart can be found touring around the 9/18 holes for your eating and drinking pleasure however, with The Deck Cafe on site selling hot and cold beverages and food and, with you only ever being 4.5 holes away from the cafe at most, it’s not a hard ask to trundle back to the cafe should you find yourself in desperate need of nourishment.

Our little golfing party for this adventure consisted of two players and three ‘carters’ and I can report that all five of us quite happily whiled away several hours touring around The Dunes. To me, the course looks as though it would be a lot of fun to play as a beginner and I do look forward to our next adventure back to the Yorkes when I can swing a club or two myself.

The Dunes can be found on St Andrews Drive in Port Hughes on the Yorke Peninsula. Just follow the signs from Moonta.

It’s best to check the web site for this one – times can vary depending on the time of year so give it a quick once over before you throw the clubs in the back of the car and head over.

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Vietnamese Laundry

Vietnamese Laundry

This delightful little eatery is the kind of place you will want to come back to again and again, if not for the warm, welcoming feel or the mouth-wateringly delicious Vietnamese street food, then for the hopscotch grid painted on the floor!

Vietnamese Laundry is a relative newbie on the Vietnamese-food-to-be-had-in-Adelaide block and is located on Sturt Street in the CBD, very close to Whitmore Square. The venue is tiny, having been turned from an actual laundry into Vietnamese Laundry (hence the name), but the menu is full of delicious items that will have both you and your taste buds dizzy with anticipation and leave you and your appetite glowingly sated. From Banh-Mi and cold rolls to salad bowls and Vietnamese buns, this wood-and-brick eatery will serve you up some of the best Vietnamese street food you will ever come across outside of Vietnam and, if you want a delicious Vietnamese iced coffee to go with that then they’ve got that covered as well!

Despite the size of their venue, the team behind Vietnamese Laundry have managed to comfortably fit in a decent amount of seating but, having said that, they are very popular and when the lunch time crowd hits you may be struggling to find yourself a seat. You can choose to eat in or take away though, and Whitmore Square is just around the corner and offers lots of green, leafy shade for these warm summer days.

My tip is to get in there early – prior to about 1pm you should be right and besides, that gives you more time to sample more of their delicious wares! Trust me – you’ll want to.

152 Sturt Street in the CBD. Right here.

Open every day from 10:30am until 3:30pm.


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