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Whipped Bake Bar Cafe


With the warmer weather starting to become a more regular feature in Adelaide at this time of year, I find my thoughts drifting off towards the beach far more easily. BW’s mind was in a similar place over the weekend so we decided there was nothing for it on a sunny Sunday morning but to go and have brunch at Semaphore.

BW decided that Whipped would be our destination du jour and on that particular day it seems we weren’t alone – the poor wait staff were run off their feet and we were advised there would be at least a 30 minute wait on our food. Fortunately, that’s what juices and smoothies were made for! Breakfast entree anyone?

Whipped has a great little menu consisting of a plethora of delights including a delicious breakfast banana smoothie with linseeds, sunflower seeds and almonds – the perfect little precursor to a slightly delayed breakfast. Other items on the breakfast menu include fruit, yoghurt and muesli, eggs benedict, orange and chocolate crepes (that were ridiculously hard to resist!) and the ‘Whipped Breakfast’ which includes favourites such as avocado, bacon, eggs, tomatoes, a hash brown, mushrooms and toast. Once again on the same wavelength though, BW and I couldn’t go past the ‘Smashed Organic Avocado’ with an egg and some fried haloumi (although I have to admit, the sweet potato hash browns did give me a moment’s pause…).

Sitting out in their back courtyard in the warmth and the shade, the wait for our food was really quite pleasant and our banana smoothie, “Ginge” juice and cheeky little cornflake cookie all helped to distract us quite successfully from our hunger until our heaped plates of deliciousness arrived. I will admit that the choice of bread for the toast we were served wouldn’t have been my pick, but there was an Everest-like mound of avocado piled on top so I’m not going to complain! As hungry as I was (and I was very, very hungry!), the serve I was dished up was too much for me to get through and I had to palm off about a quarter of my dish to BW, so again, no complaints – from either of us!

Inside the cafe there is an amazing collection of cakes and baked desserts, all extremely tempting and as beautiful as any baked goods you ever well see. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to coerce any of them into my mouth on this occasion but there’s a certain Turkish delight cupcake that I’m pretty sure has my name on it… One of these days…

Whipped is located at 35 Semaphore Road in Semaphore, just up from the beach, right about here.

These guys work hard! They’re open every single day from 7am until 5pm however, please note that the kitchen closes at 2:30pm so if you’re hungry, get there before then!

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A weekend in Adelaide?


So you know some people who have just decided to pay Adelaide a quick, impromptu visit for a weekend, at very short notice, and you’re unfortunately committed to grooming your parent’s flock of pet miniature-sheep and can’t get out of it in order to show them around personally? Not a problem! Why not give them the T-Man’s food and wine lover’s guide to Adelaide?

Friday night
This is the recommendation that the T-Man found the hardest because he believes that going out for drinks on a Friday night is a rookie move! So many after-work-suits out filling up bars that are tres chic and chilled out on pretty much any other night of the week… *le sigh*. But, having said that, if one is only in town for a weekend one cannot miss out on a Friday night experience. T-Man recommends heading to East End Cellars’ Tasting Room and have them recommend a delicious drop to compliment the weather. For dinner, T-Man recommends Peel Street Café, however notes that your visitors would likely have to book in advance to secure themselves a table so my editor’s suggestion would be, since you’re already in the area, to get them to head on around the corner to Street ADL on Rundle Street and get some good Aussie tucker from one of our best chef’s!

If they’re not ready to head to bed yet, then a 10 minute walk through Rundle Mall will get them in the vicinity of Maybe Mae and Clever Little Tailor, both of which are still worth a solid shot on a Friday night, or they can head slightly south to Gouger and avail themselves of the T-Man’s personal favourite, Cork Wine Cafe.

The Adelaide Hills are so close and contain so many amazing places to eat and wineries to experience that your visitors couldn’t help but have a great time if they just point themselves towards the freeway. The T-Man has a definite soft spot for the Piccadilly Kitchen though, and highly recommends that anyone and everyone try their amazing chicken pot pie for lunch. Once stomachs are satisfied, Hahndorf is the place to head to, with an interesting German heritage all of it’s own, plus a solid collection of outstanding wineries both within it (Somerled, Rockbare) and surrounding it (Hahndorf Hill, The Lane), your visitors can’t go too far wrong.

When it starts creeping towards dinner time, the T-Man recommends heading to his favourite pizza place – Etica – on Gillie Street and, for a post-dinner drink, carry on over to Sturt Street and visit the lovely people at Cantina Sociale. Perfect!

Renowned for being all about markets and coffees, Sundays in Adelaide are the T-Man’s favourite. Before it gets too busy, get the out-of-towners to head to Market Shed on Holland where they can browse the amazing range of wares and foods whilst sipping on their first coffee for the day. For brunch, the T-Man suggests just picking a direction and going with it – head north to Queen Street Café or Hawker Street Café, south to Rosey’s or The Pantry on Egmont, or head towards Henley or Grange beaches and choose your view.

Depending on their schedule, a quick stroll along the beach or by the river might be achievable before planes have to be caught in order for your visitors to get back home, but you can rest assured that not only will your parents have perfectly groomed sheep by the end of the weekend, but that your visitors will have had a smashing time visiting this fabulous city of ours.

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Rhino Room

Rhino Room

I get the feeling that there are two types of people in Adelaide: those who have never set foot inside the Rhino Room (except maybe during the Adelaide Fringe), and then there are those who have seen the light and regularly find themselves within its purple walls, laughing until their sides hurt and their faces ache. Up until very recently, I fell into that first category of Adelaidians however, after seeing Justin Hamilton and the plethora of acts that came on before him just this last Friday, I am most definitely a Rhino Room convert.

At only $20 a ticket on a Friday night (on Saturdays it’s even cheaper ($15) and Mondays are cheaper again with their $10 open Mic night!), the cost of buying yourself a night of laughs is by no means unobtainable. But the value of the ticket doesn’t rest only in the fact that you can get one with one of those orange-coloured notes and still have enough change from one of those golden ones to also get yourself a meal and a few drinks. The value of the ticket also comes from the fact that not only do you get to see the headline act, the act that you’ve put down a small portion of your hard-earned cash for, but also a vast array of other comedians who will be coming on before them and who will have you clutching your sides with laughter with their 5-10 minute sets.

Every Friday and Saturday night you can hit up the Rhino Room and see some amazing acts from both Adelaide and around Australia. With regular breaks throughout the evening you’ll have plenty of opportunities to get yourself up to the bar for a refreshment without the fear of interrupting a comedian’s set and afterwards, if you linger about, you’ll get to see the acts in their natural environment – swapping stories around the bar and probably being just as funny as they were on stage, but closer to your face!

Just follow the sound of laughter to 13 Frome Street in the CBD. You can buy tickets at the door, or right here.

Rhino Room hosts local and interstate comedians on Friday and Saturday nights with shows starting from 8pm and 7pm respectively. On Monday nights they also host an Open Mic night with doors opening at 7:30pm.

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Mollydooker 2012 Enchanted Path

Mollydooker 2012 Enchanted Path

Delicious, deep red, berries, full-flavoured, a hint of liquorice, warm, welcoming, mouth-filling, smooth… all words that sprang to mind the moment I opened this bottle of Enchanted Path by Mollydooker and brought my glass to my lips.

The 2012 Enchanted Path is a creamy blend of Shiraz and Cabernet Sauvignon that screams to be consumed with food. Delightfully playful with a little kick of acidity, the T-Man thought this delicious berry-filled wine would go perfectly with a plate of spiced duck whilst my vote went towards a naturally flavoursome bowl of fresh pasta with a rich, basil-infused tomato and chilli sauce.

Allocated 92 points by the Wine Advocate and 93 points by the Wine Spectator, this wine swirls thickly in the glass and warms the cockles of your eyes with it’s rich, deep red colour.  Tannins help to coat your tongue, giving the Enchanted Path a velvety mouthfeel that does for your tastebuds what a lullaby sung softly to you by Louis Armstrong would do to your ears.

You can swap $75 for your very own bottle of Mollydooker’s Enchanted Path very easily online or, if you prefer, head on over to the cellar door on Coppermine Road in McLaren Vale.

Mollydooker and Heard About SA are working in partnership for this review series, with Mollydooker providing Heard About SA with the bottle of  2012 Enchanted Path discussed in this review.

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Hawker Street Cafe

Hawker Street Cafe

There once was a day when I was madly craving eggs but had maddening deadlines all around me that afforded me little travel time in order to satisfy my craving. The solution? Hawker Street Cafe!

Any regular reader of this blog would have cottoned on by now that I live in the Bowden/Brompton area and love it more than an adventurous kid loves a flying fox over a water feature filled with slightly mutated tweenie turtles (yep, that just happened…). The Hawker Street Cafe is, and has been for a while, the ever reliable source of deliciously tasty brunches for me and the T-Man. With easy going and chilled out staff, the cafe is so welcoming it feels like going over to a friend’s house for breakfast… Where that friend has a housemate who is a barista who churns out some of the tastiest coffees that you’ve ever had!

Now, don’t let anyone tell you that their special house made beans are ok, because they are freaking amazing! Also, don’t let anyone tell you that they do an average poached egg. Again, amazing!

With two outdoor dining options – out the front where you can watch the bustle of Bowden pass by, OR out the back where you can experience the peace and quite of your mate’s backyard (note: you need to walk through the kitchen to get out the back), plus a few sought-after tables inside the cafe, Hawker Street caters to all people in all kinds of weather. Well, actually, the only one small criticism of Hawker Street is that it is a little on the small side. Whilst there are plenty of seats out the back, if the weather does happen to be less than ideal, the inside fills up very quickly indeed so it’s first in best dressed with this one. But, whadda they gonna do? Part of the appeal of this place is that the hordes can’t file in so I’m more than happy to accept that every once in a long while, I might have to wait for a seat.

Good service, good food, good coffee. This is a good one folks.

22 Hawker Street in the ever fabulous Bowden! Right here.

Open Tuesdays through Sundays from 8am. Through the week they’re open until 4pm and on weekends they close their doors at 2pm.


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