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The question I keep wanting to ask is, what is Warndu? Which, when you think about it, is an odd thing to be wondering. I don’t ever want to ask, ‘what is Golden North?’ or ‘what is Haigh’s?’, I just accept them as brands. But, Warndu is different. Without knowing much, I already know that.

Warndu is good. Literally.

Granny Skills’ Rebecca Sullivan founded Warndu along with her partner, Damien Coulthard, who comes from Adnyamathanha country. It’s the Adnyamathanha language that provided Rebecca and Damien with Warndu. Literally. The word means ‘good’. And that’s where the intrigue and the curiosity begins, because Warndu isn’t just selling products, it’s providing goodness; to you, the buyer and consumer, to the native farmers involved in the native food industry and to the soil and the land upon which we are so reliant.

Warndu is about creating meaningful meals that are local, seasonal and organic. It’s no secret that we all love the idea of having local, low-touch food in our diets. Warndu takes it one step further by using ingredients that are not only local, but that have been local for over 60,000 years. Ingredients that are so seasonally based that you just can’t get them when they’re out of season.

But, again, what is Warndu? Rebecca says:

“Warndu is good. Not just feeling good nutritionally but also socially and environmentally. For our customers to buy good they are doing good. We are trying to make products for people to create meaningful meals at home and Brew and Broth is a place for people to enjoy meaningful meals. We want to create a safe space for conversation about our past, present and future”.

Brew + Broth is a work in progress at the moment, but it will be the home of Warndu. With furniture featuring the designs of women from Ampilatwaja in the Northern Territory, Brew and Broth will be the place where you can try and buy Warndu’s product range or stay and enjoy a meaningful meal from their broth bar. Broths will be made using native ingredients, the bones from ethically raised and humanely killed animals that would otherwise go to waste and other locally sourced fresh and seasonal produce. Think free range chicken and native thyme broth, or beef and native pepper berry broth. How about free range pork and native lemongrass broth with muntries (Australian native apple)?

Want some Warndu in your life?

If you’re keen to get your hands on some of Warndu’s products before Brew and Broth opens, such as their Strawberry Gum and Elderflower Brew Bags or their Saltbush Oil, there are a couple of places you can go. If you’re near the Clare Valley, head to Paulett Wines Cellar Door and Cafe. In the CBD you’ll find Warndu at the Gilbert Street IGA and in the Central Market at Goodies & Grains. In North Adelaide you can head to E is for Ethel. If you’re not near any of these places though, or if you simply prefer shopping in your pyjamas, just head to their online shop and have their delicious wares delivered to your door. Easy as Quandong pie.

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