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Mollydooker 2012 Enchanted Path

Mollydooker 2012 Enchanted Path

Delicious, deep red, berries, full-flavoured, a hint of liquorice, warm, welcoming, mouth-filling, smooth… all words that sprang to mind the moment I opened this bottle of Enchanted Path by Mollydooker and brought my glass to my lips.

The 2012 Enchanted Path is a creamy blend of Shiraz and Cabernet Sauvignon that screams to be consumed with food. Delightfully playful with a little kick of acidity, the T-Man thought this delicious berry-filled wine would go perfectly with a plate of spiced duck whilst my vote went towards a naturally flavoursome bowl of fresh pasta with a rich, basil-infused tomato and chilli sauce.

Allocated 92 points by the Wine Advocate and 93 points by the Wine Spectator, this wine swirls thickly in the glass and warms the cockles of your eyes with it’s rich, deep red colour.  Tannins help to coat your tongue, giving the Enchanted Path a velvety mouthfeel that does for your tastebuds what a lullaby sung softly to you by Louis Armstrong would do to your ears.

You can swap $75 for your very own bottle of Mollydooker’s Enchanted Path very easily online or, if you prefer, head on over to the cellar door on Coppermine Road in McLaren Vale.

Mollydooker and Heard About SA are working in partnership for this review series, with Mollydooker providing Heard About SA with the bottle of  2012 Enchanted Path discussed in this review.

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Hawker Street Cafe

Hawker Street Cafe

There once was a day when I was madly craving eggs but had maddening deadlines all around me that afforded me little travel time in order to satisfy my craving. The solution? Hawker Street Cafe!

Any regular reader of this blog would have cottoned on by now that I live in the Bowden/Brompton area and love it more than an adventurous kid loves a flying fox over a water feature filled with slightly mutated tweenie turtles (yep, that just happened…). The Hawker Street Cafe is, and has been for a while, the ever reliable source of deliciously tasty brunches for me and the T-Man. With easy going and chilled out staff, the cafe is so welcoming it feels like going over to a friend’s house for breakfast… Where that friend has a housemate who is a barista who churns out some of the tastiest coffees that you’ve ever had!

Now, don’t let anyone tell you that their special house made beans are ok, because they are freaking amazing! Also, don’t let anyone tell you that they do an average poached egg. Again, amazing!

With two outdoor dining options – out the front where you can watch the bustle of Bowden pass by, OR out the back where you can experience the peace and quite of your mate’s backyard (note: you need to walk through the kitchen to get out the back), plus a few sought-after tables inside the cafe, Hawker Street caters to all people in all kinds of weather. Well, actually, the only one small criticism of Hawker Street is that it is a little on the small side. Whilst there are plenty of seats out the back, if the weather does happen to be less than ideal, the inside fills up very quickly indeed so it’s first in best dressed with this one. But, whadda they gonna do? Part of the appeal of this place is that the hordes can’t file in so I’m more than happy to accept that every once in a long while, I might have to wait for a seat.

Good service, good food, good coffee. This is a good one folks.

22 Hawker Street in the ever fabulous Bowden! Right here.

Open Tuesdays through Sundays from 8am. Through the week they’re open until 4pm and on weekends they close their doors at 2pm.

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Bar 9 on Glen Osmond Road

Bar 9 Glen Osmond

Bar 9 on Glen Osmond Road is one of those places that I’ve been to so many times and have loved for so long that it hadn’t even crossed my mind to write about it. Everyone knows it, right? Everyone loves it there, right?! They even opened a second café in the CBD so, peeps be all over it yeah? The recent and all-too-brief visit to Adelaide of a friend who moved interstate and his excitement and insistence that we have our final breakfast for this visit at Bar 9 was just the thing to remind me that I’d been taking this amazing place for granted just a little too much recently. Silly me.

Menu’s inside old Little Golden storybook covers and street-style artworks adoring the walls. Light pouring in through the giant glass windows, lighting up and warming the well worn floorboards. An old, original, fully functional Nintendo complete with Mario Bros game set up by some couches, ready to go for your playing pleasure – what could possibly make this place any better?

The food. Bar 9 has a standard menu with delicious breakfast, morning tea and lunch time treats available (refer to aforementioned Little Golden storybook covers), but there is also the changeable menu up on the wall, written on brown paper, awaiting your perusal. A few items on the changeable menu are also somewhat regular, but there’s a very, very good reason for that. Because, amazing. Avocado on toast with goats curd and corn salsa? Mmm hmmm. That’s what I’m talkin’ about! But what could possibly make this place any better?

The coffee. Bar 9 do everything they do well, but it’s their coffee that takes the cake. Two different blends are available daily, with a wide array of brewing methods for the real coffee connoisseur. For the average Jo who just likes their latte, you’re always guaranteed a perfectly brewed and blended cup, regardless of your preference.

Plus, the team at Bar 9 are super friendly and ridiculously good looking. What more could you want?!

96 Glen Osmond Road, Parkside. Check it.

Week days from 7:30am until 4pm and weekends from 8:30am until 2pm.

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Taylors Behind The Scenes Winery Tour

Taylors Winery

On the day that we visited Taylors Winery winter was putting it’s best foot forward, with frequent showers of rain and a decent chill to the air that made rugging up *really* well absolutely essential. Nonetheless, we were excited about our ‘behind the scenes’ tour and weren’t going to let a little wintery weather stop us. Besides, we all know that fluorescent saftey vests go better with knits!

Arriving at Taylors, we quickly marvelled at it’s castle-like appearance (it was raining) as we rushed inside to the warmth and welcome of the cellar door. Greeted immediately by our host for the morning, Jacqueline, we were quickly taken through to the first working area of the winery, donned our fetching safety vests and our hard hats, and the tour was underway!

The first half of the tour took us outside to the grounds of the winery, where we could see the vines, the crushers, the tanks and a beautiful view over rolling vine-covered hills. Jacqueline talked us through the processes involved in producing Taylors’ wines, providing insight into the working life of the winery and a little of the history of the three generations of Taylors’ who have worked hard to craft these wines over the decades.

Moving into the barrel shed, we discussed barrel making and wood, barrel ages and the methods by which they ensure the barrels are kept at a constant temperature throughout both winter and summer – no mean feat considering the size of these sheds.

After one final dash through the rain from the barrel shed back to the main building, Jacqueline guided us through into the bottling area of the winery, explaining the impressive set up of conveyer belts and mechanical wizardry that bottles the wine before sealing it, labelling it and singing it a lullaby*.

*That last bit may not actually happen…

So now that the grapes have been picked and crushed, barrelled and bottled and labelled, you might be forgiven for thinking that the tour would be over. Well, hold on to your hard hats people because we’re not done yet! The final highlight of a tour of the Taylors’ winery is that at the end, you get to sample three of their wines and then, according to your taste, use those three wines to blend your own little take-home-bottle! Who would have thought that a syringe could be so much fun?

So, if you happen to be in the beautiful Clare Valley, whether in rain or shine, and you fancy a behind the scenes tour of a long-standing family run winery that bottles and labels it’s own wines, was one of the first to adopt screw-cap closures and is very environmentally conscious, I highly recommend getting in touch with Taylors.

On Winery Road near Auburn in the Clare Valley.

Tours take place on weekends and public holidays only, however the cellar door is pretty much always open with hours as follows:
– Monday to Friday from 9am to 5pm
– Saturdays and public holidays from 10am until 5pm
– Sundays from 10am until 4pm.

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Market Week

Market Week

From tomorrow, for the second time ever in the entire history of the whole wide world (wowsers!), the iconic Adelaide Central Market will be shimmying into it’s prettiest apron, shining up its apples and opening wide its doors for a week of foodie fanatic heaven. That’s right – it’s Market Week time!

Last year the inaugural Market Week was more popular than a stick of butter at a bread convention so it was really a no-brainer that the Market Boss’ (like mafia boss’ but with bananas instead of tommy-guns) decided to make this an annual event.

Running from Tuesday to Saturday, Market Week will offer up cooking classes and demonstrations, appreciation sessions and tastings, happy hours and pop-up entertainment including (but not limited to) the State Opera of South Australia.

Not enough to tempt you? What about over a tonne of free Adelaide Hills Pink Lady Apples? That’s right, a tonne! To be given out tomorrow to over a tonne of lucky market-going Adelaiadians!

Still not enough? How about thousands of beautiful spring flowers that will also be given away over the course of Market Week? Or the ‘Dude Food’ demo taking place in anticipation of Father’s Day? Or the children’s activities on the Saturday morning? Or even the Spring Market Party on the Friday night?

Whether you’re after amazingly fresh produce, some great entertainment, a good coffee, some hot tips for the kitchen, or whether you are just an avid people-watcher, Market Week at the Adelaide Central Markets is a little gastronomic gem that really shouldn’t be missed. Get on it Adelaide!

The Adelaide Central Markets are on Grote Street (like you didn’t already know).

Market Week starts tomorrow, Tuesday 2 September, and runs through until COB on Saturday 6 September. Check out the full program of events here.


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