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My five favourite new cocktails at 2KW

My five favourite new cocktails at 2KW

The fine folk at 2KW have recently launched their new season cocktail menu and before they could finish saying “would you like to have a taste?”, I shot-gunned a possie as close to the bartender as I could possibly get and awaited my first glass eagerly with come-hither-eyes and a glass of water on the side. Because drinking responsibly is totally on point.

All of the cocktails that I tried offered something different and was delicious in it’s own way, but since I can’t tell you about all of them, I’ve chosen some favourites.

Here are my five favourites from 2KW’s new range of cocktails:

1. Maslin’s Beach

Coconut combined with lime is always going to be a winner in my books. Coconut washed rum, apricot brandy, lime and egg white go into this scantily clad little number, which is lightly garnished with coconut flakes. I don’t need to tell you that this cocktail tastes like pure tropical holiday!

2KW Maslins Beach Cocktail

2. Lofty Lookout

Refreshing and delicious, this cocktail is just as enjoyable as the view from Mt Lofty summit (without having to get all sweaty by trekking up there!). There’s gin, there’s Lillet Rose, there’s blood orange liquor and fresh ruby grapefruit juice and then there’s Absinthe. Delish!

2KW Lofty Lookout Cocktail

3. Whiskey Smash

With mint, citrus and whiskey, this cocktail is definitely one of my favourites from 2KW’s new menu. Talisker Whiskey combines with Domaine de Canton, lemon, mint leaves and sugar to create another perfect warm-weather cocktail, designed to soothe your hot little head and leave you feeling relaxed and refreshed.

2KW Whiskey Smash Cocktail

4. Peanut Old Fashion

If you like a more masculine cocktail, you really can’t go past an Old Fashion, let along a peanut flavoured one! For this little number, the 2KW folk have infused their bourbon with peanuts, added some sugar, a dash of chocolate bitters and a pinch of salt and voila! It is done!

2KW Peanut Old Fashion Cocktail

5. East 8 Hold Up

Named after an unsavoury moment (ask the team behind the bar!), this is a unsavoury cocktail (it’s sweet! Get it? It’s funny after a couple of these anyway…) that really makes a splash on your tastebuds. Delicious Vodka, Aperol, lime, pineapple juice, passionfruit puree and sugar combine to entice and delight. Definitely a must on any day of the week.

2KW East 8 Hold Up Cocktail

Honourable Mention

These were my five favourite new cocktails at 2KW however, there is one more that really does deserve an honourable mention. Stormy Like Summer is one of the most interesting cocktails I have ever had. The 2KW team have combined Chipotle infused Blanco, Tequila, lime and sugar – nothing too out of the ordinary there – with parsley leaves and green capsicum! Bam! Hello unusually savoury, capsicum-peppery cocktail. This one tastes a bit like a naughtier version of a green smoothie, which means it does leave your brain a little confused about whether you’re being healthy or indulgent. Either way, it’s all good!

2KW Stormy Like Summer Cocktail

2KW’s new cocktail menu is now available, so why not take advantage of this beautiful Spring weather we’re having and get up there for a drink or two?

2KW is at 2 King William Road in the CBD, up on level 8.

They are open every day of the week until late. On weekdays you can get up there from 10am but on weekends you should sleep in a little longer; they open at midday.


Heard About SA was invited to taste the new 2KW cocktail menu as a guest of 2KW.

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